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Hi, I'm Ben. I uncover hidden profit opportunities for small business owners.

If you want to grow your profits and better understand your numbers, I can be your a Virtual CFO: a strategic right-hand-man who oversees your business finances.

I've been advising entrepreneurs in Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Asia for over a decade on how to grow their business faster.

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How I can help you get your numbers straight...

Hidden Profits Analysis

Where are your profits hiding? Have you missed warning signs? I'll find them for you, and show you what your numbers say about your business.

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Increase Profits Mastermind

A group mastermind with weekly live Q&A calls, my expert analysis of your business finances, access to a wealth of training material, and more...

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Profits Roadmap

Intensive strategy session to turn your goals into a concrete plan with specific objectives (KPIs) to turn around the biggest roadblocks in your business. To see if we're a fit:

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Rapid Profit Growth

Work with me 1-on-1 to rapidly grow your profits and improve your business numbers. To see if we're a fit:

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“As a creative, I’ve never been enthralled by accounting but as a business owner, I knew I needed to understand my numbers better. One thing I really appreciated was Ben's non-judgemental and friendly attitude. He helped me see where I was going wrong and together we built a solid roadmap for growth."
Larissa Pickens
Founder & Creative Director
Float Design

“With Ben’s guidance we went from the red to the black in 2017. We ended the year with $100k profit! He was able to hone in our product costing and get a clear understanding of what our most profitable products are and which to focus on to drive the biggest bottom line growth.”
Jeremy & Sadie Roberts

“Being a co-founder with no formal business training has been challenging. Ben looked at the whole picture and was able to figure out how my business worked to give me genuine advice that would benefit it long term. I feel very lucky to have Ben as a resource. He is very knowledgeable and really easy to talk to, which makes our strategy sessions super enjoyable.”
Madeleine Taylor
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