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Hi, I'm Ben

I'm a Virtual CFO, i.e. a strategic advisor and right-hand-man for your business finances.

I've been advising entrepreneurs in Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Asia for over a decade on how to grow their profits and understand their numbers.


Working with me

Hidden Profits Analysis: A screen recording of my analysis of your numbers, including tips for improvement as well as an explanation of my process that you can follow yourself each month. Learn more

Group Training: An initial strategy session 1-on-1 with me, followed by a 3-month course to rapidly improve the profitability of all areas of your business, including weekly Q&A calls and more. Learn more

Roadmap: Intensive strategy session to turn your goals into a concrete plan and KPIs, and turn around the biggest roadblocks in your business. To see if we're a fit, book a free call.

Ongoing support: A variety of fixed-fee monthly support packages, including a monthly consult and unlimited email support. To see if we're a fit, book a free call.

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