Want to continually increase your profits over 3 months?

A group mastermind where you get my expert analysis of your business finances, weekly live Q&A calls, access to a wealth of training material, and more...

Want to continually increase your profits over 3 months?

A group mastermind where you get my expert analysis of your business finances, weekly live Q&A calls, access to a wealth of training material, and more...

You'll get the most value from the program if...

  • You have your own time, you team’s time, and/or funds to make improvements to your business.

  • You are ready to commit yourself to a 3 month minimum duration.

  • You actually want your business to change, whether that’s growth, reducing your hours, or becoming more efficient, and you are willing to make changes.

“With Ben’s guidance we went from the red to the black in 2017. We ended the year with $100k profit! He was able to hone in our product costing and get a clear understanding of what our most profitable products are and which to focus on to drive the biggest bottom line growth.”
Jeremy & Sadie Roberts

"I quickly understood where I should be focusing and how to fix the revenue problems I was having. I would absolutely recommend Ben for my friends and peers!”
Jason Long
Tangent Solutions

What You Get

1-Hour Private Strategy Session

An initial 1-hour strategy session with me (1-on-1), to discuss your goals for the program and set you up for rapid progress.

Weekly Q&A / Office Hours Group Calls

Ask me questions live or send them in. Two calls/week, to cover all timezones. Attendance optional, but recommended.

Monthly Screen Recording Analysis of Your Numbers

I provide a commentary on red flags and hidden opportunities that you may not have noticed.

Duration: 3 months minimum commitment, then month-to-month.

"Extremely valuable, the strategy session alone was worth the price of the whole program." - Shah

"The analysis recordings are just brilliant, thank you!" - Max

+ Profitable Video Training

10 modules designed so that any 3 of these topics will make a massive difference to your business.

  • Profit Mindset

    Break your money blocks, turn vague goals into an achievable plan, deal with avoidance issues around numbers.

  • Increase Productivity

    Free up your time to improve your business.

  • Get Your Numbers Together

    Work with a bookkeeper, hire a bookkeeper, bookkeeper alternatives, alternative dashboards

  • Margins, the 80/20 of Profitability

    What you think they are, what they really are, and how to improve them.

  • Running a Lean Business

    Keep expenses low without cutting too fine, especially marketing.

  • Cashflow Confidence

    Structure it right, rules of thumb on forecasting, when and how much to invest, create micro and full cashflow projections.

  • Suppliers

    Get the best deal, build valuable relationships, transition between suppliers.

  • Your Team

    Set KPIs and manage performance, when to hire, your current and next organisation chart.

  • Polishing your Finances

    After the basics are in place, add a few tweaks to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

  • Maintenance

    How and when to review your numbers, goals, strategy and more.

BONUS: Get access to all other training content that I create, even outside the group, and the ability to submit training requests for more.

Duration & Timeline

3 months minimum commitment, then month-to-month.

  • 1 Initial fit call to make sure the program is right for you. We'll sort out payment and book in the strategy session.
  • 2 Strategy session, 1-on-1 with me.
  • 3 Access to training content will be available after the strategy session.
  • 4 Q&A calls run weekly, to cover all timezones.
  • 5 Your first monthly analysis can be completed as soon as your bookkeeping is up to date.

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I'll find ways for you to increase your profits more than the program fee in the first month, or I'll refund your money!

"Before I spoke to Ben, I felt uncertain about my budgeting, and marketing spend. On the call, Ben gave me great advice including metrics to base my budgeting off of. Now I'm feeling more confident about what next steps to take with my business."
Ali Rahmoun 


Ready to take the next step?

Book an initial call with me to talk about your business challenges and, if the program is a fit, we’ll sort out payment and book in your strategy session.

I value your time, and will make sure you leave the call with some solutions to your current challenges, regardless of whether you sign up.

Have questions? Just get in touch.

I'd love to help you grow your profits!

Have Questions?

"My reports aren't up to date"

Get in touch and I can refer you to a great team of bookkeepers. But you can still get a lot of value from the program without up-to-date bookkeeping.

"What is a Virtual CFO?"

A virtual CFO provides strategic advice on the financial reports and other numbers in your business, so that you can grow your business and reach your goals.

"Is the analysis an audit or a review?"

No. Those are technical terms used when checking the accuracy of the bookkeeping/accounting work. We're more interested in improving the performance of your business.

"I have other questions"

No problem! Get in touch with me.